Today’s NYT Crossword

Starting this halfway through so I don’t annoy my friends by asking these questions/comments. 44A – how is UAW not the largest labor union in the US42D – leafes???46D – all i can think of is moist52D – the spiky ball on a chain? a mace? nunchucks isn’t four letters5D – had to google Anguilliformes.…

Trying things so you don’t have to

Good afternoon bloggees,Something that you definitely don’t know about me (because you don’t know me) is that I am truly delighted by trying novel beauty-related things. If I could choose a dream job it would be to get paid to try things that might make me prettier then play with puppies and take naps and…

Welcome to my blog, bitches.

I’m scared that the world is ending and my Twitter feed/partner cannot contain my thoughts!!!!! Note to self:Ideas for blong:- What I’m cooking- What I’m drinking- What I’m watching- Weed I’m smoking

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